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Watson Vet was started to provide care for Bloomington pets in the familiar surroundings of home. We provide most services normally offered at a veterinary clinic, including vaccinations, laboratory pathology, nutrition counseling, geriatric and pediatric care, medical evaluations, and medical case management.

We prioritize a high standard of care for every patient and aim for veterinary visits to be comfortable for pets and their families. Our staff understands that pets are important family members and involve owners in all aspects of care. We support Fear-Free practice and Dr. Watson is a certified Human-Animal Bond veterinarian.

For those pets with more serious problems requiring hospitalization or specialty care, we typically refer to Indianapolis or West Lafayette (Purdue). We are also always happy to collaborate with hospital-based veterinarians to deliver continuity of care. 

Covid-19 Precautions: For the safety of our team and clients, we require that owners wear masks during housecalls. Please let us know, before a housecall, if you or someone in your home may have been exposed to someone with Covid-19 during the past 14 days. We thoroughly sanitize all equipment with viricidal products between exams and wear masks to all visits. 

Our Team

Katharine Watson 


Dr. Watson grew up in Bloomington, IN where her family had a wonderful housecall veterinarian. Observing how much her family's pets enjoyed their veterinary visits prompted Dr. Watson to start seeing her own housecall patients. 


Dr. Watson received her BA from Purdue, MA from University of California, Santa Barbara, and her veterinary doctorate from Murdoch University in Western Australia. During her 13 years in Australia, Dr. Watson was, mainly, an emergency and critical care veterinarian in a large specialty hospital. She was also fortunate to work with wildlife and exotic species.

When not seeing patients, Dr. Watson is working on her PhD in epidemiology wherein her research focus is the gut microbiome. She also runs marathons, enjoys outdoor sports, plays piano, and caters to her pets' whims.

Khurrem Gold 

Project Officer

Khurrem Gold is a life-long animal lover. She earned her BA in Studies in Cinema and Media Culture from the University of Minnesota. Khurrem is in charge of behind-the-scenes projects that allow Dr. Watson and the medical team to focus on pet care. She is also dedicated to projects that help the practice better serve our local community. 


Our practice and patients are very fortunate to benefit from Khurrem's creativity, dedication to pets and their families, and organizational skills. 

When she is not working on veterinary projects, Khurrem may be found coaching local junior swimmers, cooking, cycling, running, or cuddling her feline friend, Kissa.

Our Patients






Boo Radley





Sharma & Baby






Joe Friday



Baby & Mark





Karly Taylor

Veterinary Technician

Karly earned her BS in Animal Behavior from Indiana University. She has worked in all areas of veterinary hospitals for several years and is an expert in all aspects of veterinary care.


Karly has a special talent for making pets feel at ease when they are sick and has exceptional cat-calming skills. Karly also works in shelter medicine and is a long-term WildCare volunteer. Animals of all species adore Karly! 


When Karly is not busy working with patients, she may be found helping kittens or orphaned wildlife thrive. We are extremely fortunate to have Karly assisting with housecalls.

Jordan Fischer

Veterinary Technician

Jordan's big heart and dedication to helping sick and injured animals of all kinds feel better is what brought him to the world of veterinary medicine. He has worked in all areas of veterinary clinics and with wild animals at WildCare. While Jordan loves working with all animals, has a real soft spot for older cats and dogs (and older pets seem to feel the same about Jordan).

Fun fact: Jordan's favorite wild animal is the Virginia Opossum! 


Jordan is pursuing a degree in Human Resources Management at the Indiana University O'Neill School of Public and Environmental Affairs. When not studying or working, you can find him reading, writing, painting, or cuddling his sweet cat, Sebastian.



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